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Robert Connell Clarke
Founder and Principal

Rob Clarke has devoted his entire professional life to the study of the Cannabis plant and human-cannabis relationships. Rob worked with HortaPharm BV in the Netherlands from 1993 through 2003 as a plant breeder, cultivation consultant and liaison to the academic community, and set up licensed research and production glasshouses in the United Kingdom for GW Pharmaceuticals and Merck Generics. His primary responsibility was transferring appropriate knowledge and skills to competent managers and workers.

Spanning the past three decades Rob traveled extensively throughout Eurasia documenting traditional Cannabis production and use. His additional research interests include breeding low-THC industrial hemp varieties suited for semi-tropical and equatorial conditions as he continues his work to preserve Cannabis landraces and heirloom cultivars.

Rob is the author of several books and continues to publish in peer-reviewed journals as well as writing for several cannabis industry magazines.

Mojave Richmond

Mojave Richmond has explored the cannabis realm since his early days in California. In the early 1990s Mojave settled in the Netherlands, became involved in their newly emerging cannabis industry, and began breeding what would become award winning cannabis varieties. Throughout his many years in the Netherlands Mojave carried out extensive research on various cultivation techniques and plant breeding.

As laws began to relax in the US, Mojave moved back to California and presently works internationally focusing company visions, developing production strategies and designing cultivation facilities. Mojave continues to breed and develop critically acclaimed cultivars offering specific therapeutic attributes without compromising agronomic viability. Mojave’s visions for the future, combined with his valuable experience, present unique perspectives for the cannabis business sector.

Mojave is a frequent contributor to Cannabis Business Times magazine as well as a photographer whose work has appeared in various books, articles and magazines.

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