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Breeder’s Best is the first Cannabis company to focus on developing intellectual property (IP) protection for independent plant breeders and licensing that diverse and unique IP to markets worldwide. We benefit breeders, patients, growers, investors, and many other stakeholders by delivering genetics with many of the lesser known and rare cannabinoids, as well as desirable combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes.  These special varieties are developed through traditional breeding techniques that achieve specific target chemical profiles and premium commercial products.

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Segra is a company invested in the revolution of ag-tech for the cannabis industry. Founded on the belief that better cannabis starts with better plants. As a global leader in Plant Tissue Culture, an established method for creating disease-free, true-to-type super plantlets at commercial scale. Segra has brought this proven agricultural technique to the cannabis industry to help growers grow better plants with greater efficiency. Founded in 2014, we have achieved significant milestones in support of the rapidly maturing cannabis industry.


Strong Agronomy is an ecologically-minded farm management company in the Green Valley of Watsonville, California. We’re founded on the belief that ecological farming is the only long-term viable alternative to current agricultural practices. A deep understanding of naturally occurring relationships allows us to hone cultivation methods that work with nature instead of against it. A truly sustainable model isn’t one that just minimizes its impact on Earth, it’s one that makes it a better planet than it was before.​

HempScience sources only the highest quality organic, family farmed, and traceable hemp flowers. We believe that producing a premium product begins in community, by supporting family farmers and working to revitalize rural America. Our organic farmers utilize regenerative agriculture, including fair pricing, to deliver ethically-sourced, USA-grown hemp.

Hemp Bouquet is a team, working together on every level from seed to sales. We present customers with the best hemp creation for their needs, one that will bring years of joy. We support small farmers and local artisans by providing career-path employment and paying honest wages for their work. We preserve long-standing cultural traditions by creating a market for their skills. We provide environmentally sustainable and ethical products. We will continue our search for innovative new concepts.

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