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Classic Cultivars

Curated exclusively for Segra International


OG Kush

Quite possibly the most impactful cannabis variety of modern times, 'OG Kush' has become the backbone of countless cultivars in production today. With traits that reach back to its Afghani origins, 'OG Kush' is a highly resinous, terpene-rich variety with a complex aromatic profile. A cross between ‘Hindu Kush’ and northern California cultivar ‘Emerald Triangle’.


Sour Diesel

‘Sour Diesel’ is a foundational variety that has spawned numerous hybrids in the market today. Like many other legendary varieties of the modern cannabis scene, ‘Sour Diesel’ traces its origins to bag seed. The original 'Sour Diesel' seeds were found in ‘Chem Dog’ flower but the father of this seminal variety, much like many other cannabis varieties is unknown. 

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